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The Southern Cuisine

Durian - special Smell

Vietnamese in the South are big on sweetness. A pinch of sugar or a dash of coconut milk makes everything taste better here. Cá kho tộ (claypot fish) gets its distinctive dark colour from caramelised sugar. Seasoned with fish sauce and pepper, the sweet and savory concoction complements the natural taste of the fish, making cá kho tộ burst with flavour. This dish is a great representative of Southern food

The verdant Mekong Delta region is all about green vegetables, freshwater fish, and abundant tropical fruits. You’re sure to eat well here. The nutrient-rich soil is so fertile that when cultivated by hardworking Vietnamese farmers, it yields beautiful produce and some of the sweetest fruits in the country. After a day of paddling along small canals surrounded by mangrove trees, a plate of freshly picked dragon fruit, mangosteen, or longan with honey tea is a signature Mekong Delta snack. Dining in the South is a very laid-back experience. Recipes are simple and people are welcoming. Vegetable hotpot on a straw mat in the backyard is a great way to get to know the locals. You’ll find they are just as sweet as the fruit they grow. 

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