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Pandaw Cruise

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Pandaw Cruise

Style: Traditional boutique, family-friendly cruise

Creative design: 360-degree promenade decks with panoramic views

One of the most experienced cruise lines in Burma

Highlights: Amazing and meaningful excursions including remote, hard-to-reach destinations; on board activities of cultural richness with theme dinners,  cultural performances,  educational talks and cooking classes; complimentary (most) beverages, local beer, spirits

The most friendly cruise for family (flexible policy for children)

The atmosphere on board is very friendly and informal, more like a party on a private yacht than a cruise ship.

Nearly everything is included in the price and there are no hidden extras for excursions.

Even your drinks is included in the price of your tickets.

There is an incredibly high level of personal service and care aboard, with a crew passenger ratio of 1:2.

From the moment you board, guests are made to feel at home.

Special offers: welcome flower arrangement and welcome gift, evening canapés

Exquisite care: Shoe cleaning, cold towel service after excursions

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