Weasel Blend Coffee - Blend Cafe

 - Gourmet ground coffee made with premium peaberryrobusta coffee beans

- Grown on small, independent plantations in Buon Ma Thuot
- Strong, energizing blend with surprisingly mild taste
- Sealed foil bag preserves fresh, bold flavor
- Makes an excellent morning pick-me-up
Cafe blend makes a unique, tantalizing cup of coffee. Strong, yet mild in taste, you’ll love brewing a cup to start your morning. Made with the very best quality robusta coffee, grown on small, independent plantations in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. You’ll instantly fall in love with the rich, intense aroma as you take your first sip.
You’ll rediscover the beautiful, serene land of Buon Ma Thuot with every brew. Coffee crops are the center of the city’s livelihood and culture, inspiring the biennial Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival, complete with the crowning of the Coffee Queen.
The hillsides are lined with neat rows of coffee trees. Each branch bears large bushels of deep red coffee berries, ready to be harvested. Only the best and ripest berries are hand-picked, cleaned and dried to create our premium coffee products.
Robusta coffee beans contain more caffeine than Arabica coffee beans, making this blend perfect for a mid-morning boost. While the robusta bean is known for a sharper taste, our traditional small-batch slow-roasting technique brings out the earthy flavors without adding the burnt undertones you’ll find in lower quality blends.
This coffee is traditionally brewed one cup at a time in a stainless steel phin, mixed with sweetened condensed milk. Tastes delicious with all brewing methods and styles of preparation.