Mr Phong's Private Reserve Coffee

 I Love My Weasel Mr. Phong’s Private Reserve Vietnamese Weasel Coffee Kopi Luwak Blend 8.8 Ounce

- Gourmet ground coffee, made with premium quality Arabica and robusta coffee beans
- Grown on small, independent plantations in Buon Ma Thuot
- Contains 10% authentic Kopi Luwak – pre-digested by a species of native Vietnamese weasels
- Sealed foil bag preserves fresh, bold flavor
- Rich, chocolatey, Caramel and decadent, with hint of natural sweetness
- Makes a great iced coffee drink
Mr. Phong’s Private Reserve is named after our production manager in Hanoi – it’s an exclusive blend, a truly privileged treat you won’t find anywhere else. Made from the highest quality beans harvested from small, independent plantations in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, you’ll be spellbound by its aroma the moment you open the bag.
A cup of Private Reserve begins in the grassy, serene hillside of Buon Ma Thuot. The Central Highlands provide rich soil and a mild climate the nurtures thousands of acres of coffee trees, maintained by private farm owners and their families.
Each coffee tree produces heavy bushels of plump, red coffee berries, ready to be harvested, cleaned and dried. The bean is extracted from the berry, and slowly roasted in small batches to bring out a natural abundance of flavors.
Private Reserve contains 10% Kopi Luwak- known to be the smoothest and rarest type of coffee in the world. Also known as weasel coffee, Kopi Luwak is a miraculous tradition. Asian palm civets feast on the plump, ripe coffee berries, and pass the pre-digested coffee beans. The beans are stripped of their harsh, acidic flavors, leaving only the earthy, rich coffee taste.
This coffee is traditionally brewed one cup at a time in a stainless steel phin, mixed with sweetened condensed milk. Tastes delicious with all brewing methods and styles of preparation.
Brew a cup of Private Reserve to discover a creamy, mocha taste unlike any other coffee on the market. You’ll love waking up to it in the morning, or cooling off with a refreshing iced drink.