Masterpiece Weasel Coffee

I Love My Weasel Masterpiece Vietnamese Weasel Coffee Kopi LuwakBlend 8.8 Ounce

Gourmet ground coffee, made with premium quality Arabica and robusta coffee beans

- Grown on small, independent plantations in Buon Ma Thuot Province, Highland Southern of Vietnam ( Tropical Country)

- Contains 10% authentic Kopi Luwak – pre-digested by a species of native Vietnamese weasels ( regular called Civets )

- Sealed foil bag preserves fresh, bold flavor

- Smooth, decadent and delicious, with chocolate undertones

- Makes a great dessert coffee or iced coffee drink

 Masterpiece is as extravagant as its name suggests; our finest blend of high quality Arabica and robusta coffee beans, grown, roasted and blended in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.


Each cup carries you to a humble, serene escape: clear blue skies, rolling green hills, and rows and rows of coffee trees, branches sagging with bushels of deep red berries. High elevation and rich, nurturing soil are the perfect growing conditions found on the independent plantations that support generations of farm families.

The berries are hand-selected. Only the ripest and most succulent are chosen to create our premium blends. Beans are extracted and dried, then slow-roasted to bring out their complex, rich flavors. Sourced from small farms dedicated to cultivating top-quality product.

This coffee is traditionally brewed one cup at a time in a stainless steel phin, mixed with sweetened condensed milk. Tastes delicious with all brewing methods and styles of preparation.

Masterpiece contains 10% genuine Kopi Luwak – the smoothest, most decadent coffee in the world. Kopi Luwak– weasel coffee – is a unique tradition. The Asian palm civet, a cat-like species native to Vietnam, feasts on fresh, plump coffee berries, and passes pre-digested, whole coffee beans.

The civet’s digestive system neutralizes the acids and harsh flavors in the bean, and adds an earthy essence, resulting in “weasel coffee” - the smoothest cup of coffee you’ll ever taste.

Masterpiece is a roasted blend of Arabica, robusta and weasel coffee beans, delicately toasted with butter and chocolate ( Kacao and little Caramen )for a luxuriously complex taste. Velvety-smooth and slightly sweet, this blend makes an excellent dessert coffee for after-dinner sipping.